Raw-n-Simple Natural Skincare Products
Natural Products that are Made by Nature

Natural Products that are Made by Nature

Our purpose is to make available the most natural basic products as close to their raw state and yet are highly effective skin and body care.
Raw Shea Body Butter

Raw Shea Body Butter

Raw Shea Body Butter
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Our Raw Shea Body Butter is the ultimate healing moisturizer. 

Our Shea Butter is smooth and creamy, not hard and chunky as this makes it super easy for applying and blending. 

Contains Vitamins A, E and F 

Shea Butter is made from the nut of the African Shea Karite Tree.  Shea Butter contains all the essential vitamins needed to make the skin  healthier, smoother and softer.  
This unique butter stimulates cellular activity which helps fights the effects of aging and repairs damaged and rough skin. 
Every house should have this wonder jar of Shea Body Butter. Shea Butter is your skins best friend. 

Shea Butter helps treat:

Dry skin, wrinkles, itching skin, sun burn, skin cracks, rough skin on hands and feet, stretch mark prevention for pregnancy, muscle fatigue and tension, eczema and dermatitis, dark spots and skin discoloration.  Also great conditioning treatment for damaged hair and scalp.  Gentle for babies.  

How to use: 

Put dime size amount hand, blend in your hands until smooth, then apply.
Use on ends of your hair to condition. Anywhere there is dry damaged skin.
Eye Makeup Remover - Best Makeup Remover!

Eye Makeup Remover - Best Makeup Remover!

Eye Makeup Remover - Best Makeup Remover!
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Remove all traces of mascara gently without irritating or burning the eyes.

This is the best waterproof mascara remover – even for those with sensitive eyes. Remove all traces of makeup, mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner effectively and gently without irritating or burning the eyes. It is non-comedogenic: it will not clog the pores and yes, it removes all make up!

This specially formulated all natural ingredients makeup remover contains jojoba and alpha, delta and gamma tocopherols, all natural forms of the anti-oxidant Vitamin E. Removes the most stubborn of mascara while conditioning the lashes and moisturizing the eye area.

This is formulated “without”
Synthetic Fragrances

Enjoy your inexpensive healthy eye makeup remover.

Will dissolve the most stubborn eye makeup, also soothes the delicate skin around the eye area.

Absolutely no chemicals! No irritation.

What more could you want for your peepers!


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