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La Creme Ultra Rich - 1.25 oz - Our Best Seller!La Creme Ultra Rich - 1.25 oz - Our Best Seller!This ultra rich anti-wrinkle moisturizer will hydrate even the driest of facial skin. La Crème contains certified organic ingredients designed to rejuvenate the skin as it brings and holds oxygen into the skin. This face cream contains the antioxidant Blue Lotus extract which makes this the best facial lotion for mature and dry skin therapy. Daily use of this face moisturizer will restore lost moisture that contributes to aging facial skin. Your face will thank you!
Pure Sunflower Body OilPure Sunflower Body OilOur body oil contains pure organic sunflower oil which is a potent antioxidant that neutralizes oxygen radicals in the tissues beneath the skin. Penetrates extremely quickly to nourish, protect and feed the cells and tighten the skin. Helps increase circulation and has a warming effect on the body.
Raw Shea Body ButterRaw Shea Body Butter


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