No Animal Testing Ever!

Our company has not and will not test on animals now and into the future. We also make sure our suppliers never test on animals either.

Sadly, very often in this industry, companies mislead the consumer and will claim their products are not tested on animals but in truth, ingredients or stages of production were tested leading up to the final marketed product.

Although a company might say a formula currently on the market is not tested on animals, their deception is that they can formulate a product and test it, then slightly change couple of ingredients and then market that product as animal testing free.  The European Union has banned this practice recently but the U.S. and other areas still allow it to continue.

We at Prophet Skincare are a part of the Leaping Bunny Organization (The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics – CCIC) which strictly screens their members for abiding to compliance to truth in production about misleading claims of non-animal testing.

Be certain that you are supporting ethical manufacturers, look for companies that tell you NONE of their products are tested on animals and that they are against animal testing of any kind.

Other Organizations Prophet Skincare is a part of:

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