1.               Do we test on animals?  

Definitely not!  Matter of fact, we are a part of the Coalition for Consumer Information for Cosmetics (CCIC).   This is a part of the Leaping Bunny program which strictly screens the members to assure all products and supplied ingredients adhere to the protocol.  All the ingredients in our skin care products are completely safe for humans, thus we will never need nor do we ever want to test on animals.  Why would anyone really want to test a product created for humans on animals?   

2.               What preservatives do you use?   

Interestingly, we considered not using any preservatives as some natural product companies attempt to use.  The problem with this is that you face a greater problem of possible mold and product breakdown.  We searched and found a safe paraben free preservative called phenoxyethanol which is used to protect against bacteria.  Established in the “A CONSUMERS’S DICTIONARY OF COSMETIC INGREDIENTS,” by Ruth Winter, M.S. has not been found to be a skin irritant or sensitizer.    

Other natural preservatives we use are food grade natural preservatives such as grapefruit seed extract and potassium sorbate. 

3.               Why do skin care companies use harmful ingredients that you list on your site? 

We asked ourselves the same question when my mom developed breast cancer and began our research on harmful chemicals in products.  Our mission became apparent.  We needed to create a product that we would confidently use ourselves.  With this in mind, we researched and tested safe and natural alternatives, and then made skin care products that were in line with our mission.  

As far as companies motives in using harmful ingredients.  It’s not that they outwardly want to harm people with the ingredients they use; it’s all about the money.  Mostly the harmful ingredients allow for a greater shelf life and are inexpensive fillers which equate to larger profits. 

Our shelf life is approximately 18 months, depending on proper storage as mentioned above.

   4.               Do I need to refrigerate my products? 

No it is not necessary.  We do however; recommend keeping products out of direct sunlight.   Store in a cool dry place. 

5.               I noticed you have Argireline and CoQ10 in your products. What are they? 

Argireline inhibits facial tightening and release of adrenaline, which contributes to wrinkles and facial expressions.  This process helps to reduce fine lines. 

Co-enzyme Q10: A natural substance found in every cell of the human body. In our mid twenties its activity decreases. Naturally occurring in the tissue of plants, Co-Enzyme Q10 is a vitamin like anti-oxidant that helps to boosts cellular activity. It helps to fortify the skin’s defenses against UV damage, while reducing the appearance of wrinkles, strengthening cell membranes, and providing the skin with new energy. 

6.               What’s the difference between a serum and a moisturizing crème? 

A serum isn't a moisturizer; it's a concentrated way to get anti-aging ingredients such as retinols, vitamins, and peptides into your skin. While these ingredients are also available in creams and lotions, serums are so lightweight and fast-absorbing that they can be layered under other products without interfering with them. 

 7.               Would I need the Nourishing Face Crème if use the Anti-Aging serum? 

Some people use the Anti-Aging Face Serum as a moisturizer, especially if they tend to be oilier. However, others use the Anti-Aging serum first, then wait a few minutes to apply the Nourishing Face Crème or the La Crème ,ultra rich for a superior moisture benefits. 

8.               What serum is for me? The Anti-Aging Face Serum or the Vitamin C Face Serum? What is the difference? 

As mentioned above.   Our Anti-Aging Face Serum is our most restorative, healing and hydrating serum that contains a special peptide complex and hyaluronic acid which helps reduce the appearance of aging skin.  The Vitamin C Face Serum formulation has exfoliating,  clarifying and hydrating characteristics for smoothing the skin tone.  Best for those seeking to improve the appearance of discolorations, so that a more even skin tone is assured. 

9.               I noticed that your products contain Marine Minerals.  What are they and what are the benefits? 

Our unique combination of numerous varieties of seaweed, algae, spirulina, and kelp, which contain the same vital nutrients, trace elements, minerals, and amino acids present in human blood plasma. Because of this, they can penetrate the skin more readily. Minerals from algae are rich in amino acids, sea protein, anti-oxidants, and vitamins. Certain forms of kelp are rich in iodine and co-enzymes which make them valuable as a skin supplement for helping to normalize cellular functions. 


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