Finally, the ONLY anti-aging, moisturizing product designed for men...

...and guys, it's simple to use too!

A customer of mine had purchased a number of my products. One day I bumped into her while I was out, and had asked her, “How are the products working out for you?” I was shocked when she responded, “I can’t get my husband to stop using the products... he uses them all the time!"

"That’s when I realized that men secretly always wanted to have a product that would make their facial skin look and feel great!"

"So when I returned home that evening, I spoke to my husband and we decided to have our chemist develop a product that men would openly and willingly use after shaving. We created a product that causes that tingling sensation similar to an alcohol based after shave, but that also moisturizes at the same time, ultimately leaving their skin feeling soft and smooth.

That product is what this website is all about, the all new 
After Shave Balm for Men by Prophet Skincare®."

Simple. Easy to Use. Feels great.

"For years I used an alcohol based after shave... then when Kelly and I decided to develop this men's line, I knew exactly what I wanted. All men love that tingly, curing feeling after shave gives them, 

but not the dry, irritated skin that comes with it. I knew from helping Kelly develop the women's face skin serums that having the benefits of a serum and an after shave together

 would be what men would want."

"At age 53, continued use of the After Shave Balm for Men has made my skin as fresh and young as when I was in my 30's!"

~ Bruce Francisco

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After Shave Balm for Men

After Shave Balm for Men

After Shave Balm for Men
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Using the After Shave Balm for Men over a period of time will make your skin look better and better, reduce sun spots, smooth your skin tone and soothe any type of irritated skin from shaving (aloe is known to soothe irritated skin and has anti-inflamatory properties). Better yet, your skin will be so soft and smooth that your wife will be all over you and won't stop stealing your product!

What man wouldn't want...
  • Sexier Skin
  • Cures & Nourishes
  • No Greasy After-Feel
  • Helps Heal & Soothe Irritated Skin
  • Anti-Inflamatory
  • Reduces Sun Spots
  • Heals Dry, Cracked, Aching Skin
Mens Extreme Moisture Skin Care Package

Mens Extreme Moisture Skin Care Package

Mens Extreme Moisture Skin Care Package
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Finally, the only effective skin care products designed for men
Your satisfaction is assured with a 100% money back guarantee
Skin developer is a trained make up artist who has worked on several celebrity clients.
Hydrates and plumping up the dry and damaged skin
Works excellent as an after shave treatment
All natural pure ingredients

After Shave Balm - Men Face Serum -  Balm is an aloe enriched serum that heals and rejuvenates the skin. Enhances and evens skin tone.

La Creme Ultra Rich Moisturizer - Contains shea butter and anti-oxidants blue lotus extract along with fruit acids to cure skin after shaving.


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