4 Easy Steps to Skin Care

Channel 8 News introduces Kelly Francisco and Prophet Skincare.

I am frequently asked what can I do to make my skin look radiant? How should I take care of my skin?

  Cleanse - Twice a day in the am/pm this removes impurities.

  Exfoliate - Twice a week, after you cleanse a very important step in skincare. After the age of thirty, the cell turnover rate diminishes. Our skin becomes dull, by using a facial scrub this will remove the dead cells and allow for proper absorption of antioxidants and nutrients from serums and moisturizers. You will surely notice the difference when you routinely do this.

  Serum - Twice a day in the am/pm. Serums are a powerful concentrated source of getting antioxidants into the skin because of the fine molecular structure it is very absorbable.

  Moisturize - Twice a day in the am/ pm after you cleanse. This will hydrate and protect the skin; also absorption of essential nutrients that the moisturizer contains will improve elasticity to the skin making it more supple and radiant.

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