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 4 Easy Steps to Skin Care

Cleanse - Twice a day in the am/pm this removes impurities. 

Exfoliate - Twice a week, after you cleanse a very important step in skincare. After the age of thirty, the cell turnover rate diminishes. Our skin becomes dull, by using a facial scrub this will remove the dead cells and allow for proper absorption of antioxidants and nutrients from facial serums and facial moisturizers. You will surely notice the difference when you routinely do this. 

Serum - Twice a day in the am/pm. A facial serum is a powerful concentrated source of getting antioxidants into the skin because of the fine molecular structure. 

Moisturize - Twice a day in the am/ pm after you cleanse. This will hydrate and protect the skin; also absorption of essential nutrients that the moisturizer contains will improve elasticity to the skin making it more supple and radiant.

For more information visit Kelly's BeautyHealthWellness Blog

Seen on Fox News and several other National Media

Fox News with Anti-Aging Skin Care developer Kelly Francisco introducing Organic Skincare Products and skin care tips

Kelly reveals skin care tips

Why using safe Anti-aging skin serum is the answer to skin beauty and facial skin rejuvenation.  Finding an effective Serum was difficult without the harmful chemicals that are in most products. This clip tells the story about my Mom becoming a breast cancer victim and how that led to the development to our Anti-Aging Face Serum

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La Creme Ultra-Rich Moisturizer

Finally, the ONLY anti-aging, moisturizing product designed for MEN

...and guys, it's simple to use too!

A customer of mine had purchased a number of my products. One day I bumped into her while I was out, and had asked her, “How are the products working out for you?” I was shocked when she responded, “I can’t get my husband to stop using the products... he uses them all the time!”

"That’s when I realized that men secretly always wanted to have a product that would make their facial skin look and feel great!"

So when I returned home that evening, I spoke to my husband and we decided to have our chemist develop a product that men would openly and willingly use after shaving. We created a product that causes that tingling sensation similar to an alcohol based after shave, but that also moisturizes at the same time, ultimately leaving their skin feeling soft and smooth. 

NEW After Shave Balm for Men by Prophet Skincare®

Simple. Easy to Use. Feels great.

"For years I used an alcohol based after shave... then when Kelly and I decided to develop this men's line, I knew exactly what I wanted. All men love that tingly, curing feeling after shave gives them, but not the dry, irritated skin that comes with it. I knew from helping Kelly develop the women's face skin serums that having the benefits of a serum and an after shave together would be what men would want."

"At age 54, continued use of the After Shave Balm for Men has made my skin as fresh and young as when I was in my 30's!" -Bruce Francisco

Mens Extreme Moisture Skin Care Package

Mens Extreme Moisture Skin Care Package

After Shave Balm for Men

After Shave Balm for Men

After Shave Balm for Men
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Using the After Shave Balm for Men over a period of time will make your skin look better and better, reduce sun spots, smooth your skin tone and soothe any type of irritated skin from shaving (aloe is known to soothe irritated skin and has anti-inflamatory properties). Better yet, your skin will be so soft and smooth that your wife will be all over you and won't stop stealing your product!

What man wouldn't want...
  • Sexier Skin
  • Cures & Nourishes
  • No Greasy After-Feel
  • Helps Heal & Soothe Irritated Skin
  • Anti-Inflamatory
  • Reduces Sun Spots
  • Heals Dry, Cracked, Aching Skin


January 2016  Erin Gizio, Pawcatuck CT

I began using Prophet Skincare a few months ago and what a difference it has made in my skin.  The Prophet Skincare line gives me a clean light refreshing feeling.  I have also noticed a visible difference in my skin tone, my skin's smoothness, decreased pore size, but most importantly my skin looks and feels healthier. 

It really isn't an exaggeration to say that I get out of bed if I have forgotten to wash my face at night and apply the products, because I want to go to sleep with that clean refreshed feeling Prophet Skincare provides. 

I just want to say Thank You for developing your wonderful all natural products!  They have made suck a difference in my skins life.

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December 2015

I started using the Prophet Skin Care products weeks ago and just after the 3rd day of using them I noticed how my pores were starting to close and my skin had such a glow about it. I love the way my skin looks and feels. Prophet Skin Care goes on so lightly no heavy mask feeling and you only use a very little, it goes a long way. I have used a lot of products and was never happy with the results. Prophet Skin Care is my new and only product that I will be using. I start the day with the Anti-Aging Eye Crème, my eyes are very sensitive and this product is so great, then the Anti-Aging Face Serum, I wait a couple of minutes in between applying the products, then I use The Nourishing Face Crème Daily Moisturizer. Then at night I repeat everything except I use La Crème Organic Ultra Rich Face Moisturizer at night.  I can’t say enough about The Prophet Skin Care Line, but Thank You.

 Tina Colonna



June 2016
"The Prophet Skin Care Line Is An Extremely High Quality Organic Product. I Recently Began Using The Vitamin C Face Serum And Anti Aging Eye Creme. I Immediatly Noticed A Difference In The Smoothness And Quality Of My Skin. " (Author and Musician) ~Bradley Lenart....



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