Brow Shaping Tips From A Pro

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The easiest way to capture your natural beauty is to have brow shaping guidelines to groom your eyebrows correctly. In doing so you can avoid common eyebrow mistakes that age you! Following simple eyebrow shaping guidelines is like giving your face a mini face-lift.

I have been helping women find their natural beauty by coaching them to achieve beautiful eyebrows for years. What I find most women do is over pluck and therefore have poorly shaped eyebrows that sabotage their natural beauty. “It is hard to be objective to yourself,”  I tell this to women all the time as I point out the eyebrow mistakes that age them. 

As women get older they notice changes in their faces and eyes. They are striving to create a more open, youthful look to their eyes by plucking and overarching their eyebrows. By overdoing this, their eyes tend to look hollow.  

I tell my clients all the time that “you need the frame of your eyebrows to give a more youthful look as the brows pick up the eye area, which is like a mini face-lift.”

Simply notice the brows of children and young people. What you’ll find is that they have a naturally strong brow, which creates a nice frame for their eyes. 

Some women have too much brow and others too little. Even for those who lack the hair in the brow region, there are things you can do to give the illusion of a strong youthful brow. 

Let’s continue for now with some how-to’s so you can get beautiful brows now:

How to find your arch

Eyebrow shaping guide, eyebrow shaping guidelines, brow shaping guidelines, beautiful brows, perfect eyebrows, eyebrow mistakes to avoid, eyebrow mistakes that age you

Take a look at the upper part of your brows, see the highest point, it will be directly above where your arch should fall. If you have straight brows above, another trick is to look straight ahead and the outer 3/4 edge of the pupils, draw a line straight above and there your arch will be.

 How to Clean and Shape

Tweeze the obvious hairs outside the line and under the arch. Another trick is to take an orange cuticle stick, stand it up alongside your nose to the brow area, this is where the brow should begin (anything outside of it, tweeze away). Again take the cuticle stick and slant from the bottom of your eye to the outer brow area, this is where the brow should end (anything outside of it, tweeze away). You can use the cuticle stick for finding the arch too, see the outer 3/4 pupil of your eye, hold up cuticle stick from there to the brow, and viola there is your arch!

eyebrow shaping guide, eyebrow shaping guidelines, brow mistakes to avoid, perfect brows, beautiful brows, perfect eyebrows, eyebrow mistakes that age you

 Lack the hairs? Here is the cure!

Not all have the natural full brow hair thing going on, but today there are so many things available to fill in and create a natural full brow.

My personal favorite is a flat matte powder shadow. Simply use a stiff angle brush to fill in sparse areas and create more definition. Keep it simple!

Choose a color one shade lighter than your hair color; otherwise, it will look too dramatic. Some of these eyebrow shadows have a wax to tame and give more glide and control. These work well too.

Eye pencils don't exactly create a natural look, but it’s quick. I find it gives too harsh of a line. Brow shadows allow you more control and a natural look. If you prefer an eye pencil, be sure to use a small spiral brow brush (disposable mascara wands) afterward to soften and blend.

Remember to have fun and experiment as there are a plethora of products available today.

Semi-permanent micro-blading is a technique in which several tiny needles are used to add semi-permanent pigment into the skin; that does require touch-ups. Be sure that you find someone that is reputable and look at their work. I have seen some that look very artificial. Choose wisely.

Do trim the eyebrows when hairs get wiry and out of control. Just use small cuticle scissors and an eyebrow brush, brush upward and trim what is long.  Remember, don’t tweeze too much.


Happy Brow Shaping!

Love, Kelly

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