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WHAT are You Putting on Your SKIN?! Free E-Book

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This e-book will inspire change in your life. It was written to relay a message and raise awareness about the lack of regulation in the beauty industry, and the tangible effects the products we slather onto our skin have on our health and beauty. There is rising concern that many of the chemicals that are contained in skin care products are linked to many health concerns including hormonal imbalances, neurological disorders, immune system diseases, cardiovascular diseases, prostate and breast cancers and childhood health problems to name a few.

Through anecdotal evidence and scientific research, we've learned that it is massively important to use discretion in what you expose your body to, not just in the products you apply topically, but in the foods you eat, and in your mindset. In this book, you’ll learn why it’s important to make a conscious effort to not assume a product is safe or good for you simply because you were seduced by deceptive advertising that marketers use. You will learn how to see through these deceptive tactics, make informed choices about your products, and move forward towards a life of what we like to call, Radiant Spiritual Beauty.

Beyond becoming an educated consumer, we enlighten you on ways to reconnect with your inner beauty, so that you may radiate that beauty through your outward appearance too. This is our ultimate beauty secret, and it's yours for FREE.

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