Our Story

Our story begins in 2007 on the Connecticut shoreline when our founder, Kelly, committed to finding powerful products for aging skin that didn't compromise her health.

Kelly's mother started chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer that year, and in her vulnerable state, was told by her oncologist to use mild soaps, shampoos, and deodorants. Always inquisitive, Kelly began to wonder about the comment. The effects of chemotherapy kill cancer cells in the body, but also tremendously deteriorates the immune system at the same time, leaving patients in a weakend state. Further study revealed that the permeability of our skin is a key factor that must be understood to decrease one's exposure to toxins. The revelation came into view that repeated exposure to the unhealthy and unregulated chemicals in our products and in our foods must be affecting our health.

Kelly started to think about the beauty products she slathered onto her skin every day- all with complicated, cryptic ingredient lists. Armed with an 'off-limits' ingredient list, she paid a visit to the beauty counter and found that synthetic fragrances, parabens, and harmful preservatives were the norm in the beauty industry. All harmful to our health, and to add insult to injury, detrimental to our beauty. When her quest brought her to the health food store, she found that these products met her ingredient standards, but were lacking in quality. It was simply unacceptable.

Kelly wanted holy grail skincare products that offered dramatic results that supported her and her family in living a holistically healthy life. She spent 5 years searching for a chemist who believed in the same standards of quality, and Prophet Skincare was born.

Kelly and her husband Bruce created Prophet Skincare with the mission to allow women to foresee the future of their beauty. Continual radiance tomorrow starts with a healthy lifestyle today, beginning with non-toxic products; Which is why Prophet Skincare uses only the best, pure and natural ingredients to honor your beauty. Read more about our ingredients here.

Along with Prophet Skincare, Kelly and Bruce developed the Radiant Spiritual Beauty method: A philosophy to live life in alignment with your health and well-being as a means to tap into this ultimate beauty secret. Eternal beauty starts from the inside out.

We believe in beauty at all ages. We believe in ageless solutions that celebrate your skin as it is today. We believe in foreseeing your beauty.

Celebrity makeup artist, skincare therapist, and former Miss New England, Kelly Francisco has helped thousands of women tap into their inner beauty. Her and her husband Bruce, an author and meditation and life coach, live a happy and healthy life on the Connecticut shoreline and hand-package every Prophet product with love and care. 

Read more about Kelly and Bruce's story, the truth of the unregulated beauty industry, and the secret to Radiant Spiritual Beauty in our free e-book offering,"WHAT Are You Putting on Your Skin?!".

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