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Clean green solutions, safe cleaning products, cleaning with vinegar, cleaning with peroxide, cleaning with essential oilsI know it sounds crazy, but I am someone who LOVES to clean my house. It's hard work, but it always helps clear my mind, feel organized, and the best part... I truly love smelling that super fresh aroma that comes with a job well done. Especially when I know the cleaning products that I use are completely SAFE.

If you don't know much about green cleaning, you might be wondering what I mean by "safe" products. Well... it's very similar to using clean skincare. Most cleaners off the shelf are loaded with toxic chemicals that certainly get the job done, but we risk affecting our eyes, lungs, and airways. Prolonged exposure to toxic chemicals from cleaning solutions can be detrimental to our health and cause serious long-term harm. Not to mention the environmental concerns of washing these products down into the drain, which pollutes our rivers and streams. 

Opting for cleaner options really isn't so difficult, and can be very cost-effective. I often make my own clean green solutions and it is very simple and easy to do. Here's how!

What you will need:

Distilled White Vinegar - A disinfectant and deodorizer which is mildly acidic that breaks down grease, soap scum, and dirt. This works wonders on grout and tile too!

Hydrogen Peroxide - This is a natural cleaning agent with antifungal properties. Use 3% solution undiluted in a spray bottle and spray your surface – let it soak in for 10 mins, then scrub clean!  Using this is much safer than bleach with no toxic odor afterward. I use on shower tile and my bathtub to get it sparkling clean.

Baking Soda - A gentle scrub and deodorizer that softens hard water, removes stains, and polishes stainless steel without scratching. Great to store in the fridge to absorbs odors and keep it smelling fresh.

Essential Oils - I use EO every day. Lavender, Tea Tree, Lemongrass  and  Eucalyptus are natural disinfectants and antifungals. I add them to distilled water and use a glass spray bottle to wipe down counters. Plus it smells so lovely!  Lemon is a deodorizer and stain remover. My favorite EO brand is Doterra.

Castille Soap - Plant-based liquid Castile soaps for home cleaning are wonderful too. My favorite is Dr. Bronners Tea Tree Liquid Castille Soap and Sal Suds. These can be used for a multitude of cleaning solutions.

Olive Oil - Polishing furniture with olive oil nourishes and protects the wood. You can add a drop of lemon or orange essential oil for a fresh scent.

Rubber Gloves - A must to protect your hands and keep them pretty!

I always feel that the closer we are to nature, the happier we will be. Taking a walk outside while feeling the breeze on our face, listening to the birds chirping, and taking life a little more slow (rather than choosing convenience) connects us to our creator and is essential to our happiness and connection to our core self.  Read our free book which gives steps to reconnecting to your Radiant Spiritual Beauty.

The real truth is, everything matters from what we eat, the thoughts we think, and what we allow ourselves to be exposed to such as the products we use daily on our body and in our home. These things are simple and true.  Make your life beautiful.

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  • MIchelle ODonnell

    I LOVVE LOVE LOVVVVEEEE YOUR NEW SITE!!! It is beautiful, amazing, inspirational, and educational. You guys have done a wonderful job! And have incredible products! Kudos to you both!

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