Kelly's Kitchen: Drink Your Way To Better Skin

Ultimate beauty smoothie recipe for smoother, brighter, more glowing skin. How to make a beauty smoothie

Cantaloupes are wonderful this time of year. They're so amazingly juicy and also incredible for your skin. Cantaloupes are rich in Vitamin C which is a natural collagen booster, as well as Vitamin A. Beta Carotene from Vit A gives skin a radiant glow, makes your eyes brighter and healthier, and is an amazing immune system booster.

Other excellent, skin-loving smoothie boosters are frozen mango and fresh spinach (or any dark green, leafy veggie because they're full of antioxidants. Creating the perfect beauty smoothie doesn't have to be difficult. While some are more potent than others, any fruit or vegetable added into your blender will do wonders to hydrate your body and fill your stomach with important vitamins and minerals to give you the best skin of your life. I try to drink a smoothie every morning to start my day off with all of the tools my body needs to keep glowing and to keep going!

I like to add a dash of cinnamon to my cantaloupe smoothie to aid digestion, lower cholesterol, and regulate blood sugar. Add a little vanilla and a cup of ice to complete the recipe.

Beauty is Delicious 😋

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