What is Radiant Spiritual Beauty?

Radiant Spiritual Beauty [RSB for short] is a philosophy we've developed as a means to unlock the world's ultimate beauty secret. It's based on the tried and true saying, 'true beauty comes from within,' and combine's Kelly and Bruce's background and professional experiences in mind-body health to reach a beauty Nirvana of sorts.

Part of our mission with Prophet Skincare is to allow you to see the connection between your mind and body, and how they affect your health and beauty on a holistic level. It’s time to get a little spiritual...

 Here's an example of what happens when you aren't tapped into your RSB: Recently, Kelly offered a compliment to a woman she was having a conversation with. Kelly often compliments people as she’s very good at seeing the natural beauty in others that they often don’t see themselves. When she complimented this woman, the woman started making up excuses and seemed to downplay Kelly’s compliment. She wouldn’t allow herself to accept the compliment! 

Be honest... how many of you might do the same? 

Many people, especially women, do this. Their mind doesn’t allow them to accept the compliment with grace and confidence. When we unconsciously argue for our limitations, we are reflecting all of the negative influences that we have felt perhaps throughout our entire life. We aren’t allowing the beauty within to radiate out; the beauty that greatly benefits our outward appearance. 

Even worse, when we unconsciously accept a suggestion from media, friends, celebrities, etc... we compare ourselves to that suggestion. Comparison often leads to feelings of inadequacy because we feel that we don’t meet that standard. As a result, a negative feeling seeps in (creating anxiety) and greatly affects our confidence and our connection to our Radiant Spiritual Beauty. It’s the mischievous work of our ego: our conscious mind being a bit self-conscious. 

So how do we crush these negative thought patterns that are no longer serving us, and instead reconnect with our radiance? 

Everything in life is energy, and as we fill ourselves with good energy from eating healthy, using non-toxic body-loving products, and training our mind to only hold thoughts that are in alignment with our spirit, we can radiate back that good energy to the worldIn a sense, it’s a Re-connection to God or a higher power as our spirit becomes in harmony with itself. To honor your temple (body and mind), is to express true gratitude to a godly force.

One of the most powerful mantras we recite is to , “Be a Source of Love.” It’s a state of being that allows you to flip your ego on its head, Re-connect with your soulful self and radiate positive energy to those around you. Within this joyful state of being you will feel a mindful connection with your true self and from there,  anxiety will diminish and this is where you will find your true power and surety in yourself.  Others around you will feel your connection.   

 Here are some ways to become a pure source of Love: 


  1. Practice meditation (Click here for free download of a guided Meditation Bruce teaches - or go to www.RelaxationMeditationCD.com) and allow your thoughts to come and go. There’s no need to assign judgments of “good” or “bad” to your thoughts. When you assign judgment, you allow your thoughts to illicit reactions in yourself. Instead, practice letting the thoughts flow freely, in and out of your mind, and observe rather than judge. 
  2. Treat your body as your temple. There are no rules here. Follow your body’s intuition. Rest more when it asks for rest, eat clean in a way that feels right for you, and move it regularly. No one’s diet or exercise plan is tailor-made for you and your body, so create one that uniquely honors your body. 
  3. Shine your light in your home and community. Create a safe space for your friends and family, be a lighthouse of love and healing, or simply show your light by doing what you do and love best. When you follow your joy, the world is a better place. 
  4. Get closer to spirit. In whatever way feels right to you, whether through scripture, meditation, church, or your own path, do things that make you feel closer to your higher power.
  5. Educate yourself. We talk more about RSB in our FREE E-book. Download it for free here.

The world is a tough place and full of stressors that are fighting to pull you away from who you are at your best. Its influence affects us through our physical sense in ways that pull us away from our core self and create anxiety. Anxiety is an indication that we have disconnected from our natural source - from God. 

We vow to emanate goodness, bring light to darkness, and teach you graciousness, kindness, confidence, and pure beauty. 

Love, Kelly and Bruce.


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  • MIchelle ODonnell

    You have no idea how badly I needed to read this today! With everything going on in the world right now between Covid and the political scams everywhere, we all need this more than anything! I feel as though I have started to lose myself this has put me back on track! I cannot thank you enough for your amazing kind loving inspirational and spiritual words of grace. You have touched my heart and soul. I hope this helps many others out there today who are struggling. May you have a happy healthy blessed day.❤️

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