Why Clean Beauty Matters

Chances are, you’ve been hearing a new term being thrown around in the beauty industry. Maybe you’ve seen it on a sign in Whole Foods, on an ad for a new foundation, or in passing in conversations with friends. It’s called, “Clean Beauty.”

Although “clean beauty” doesn’t have a hard and fast definition, generally it describes beauty and skincare products that use only clean, non-toxic, body-safe ingredients.

“But wait! Isn’t all beauty considered ‘safe’?”, you might be asking.

The answer is… it’s complicated. The beauty industry is largely unregulated. The Food and Drug Administration in the United States, the government agency responsible for the safety of our food, drugs, and products, does not need to pre approve cosmetics before they hit the market unless they contain certain color additives.

Although they can regulate cosmetics once they hit the market, the last time congress voted to regulate the cosmetic industry was in 1938 when they prohibited the sale of beauty products with any ‘poisonous or deleterious substance,” or any “filthy, putrid, or decomposed substance.” In total, the United States has only banned 11 chemicals from cosmetics. Compare that to the 1,328 chemicals that the EU has banned!

Our food, drugs, drinking water, pesticides, cars, toys, electronics, and tobacco all have safety standards put in place by congress, but for some reason, cosmetics are not held to the same standards.

When we learned of this lack of regulation, we were shocked! We decided to write a FREE E-Book to share with the public so that you can educate yourself on the dangers of the unregulated beauty industry, and how to shop smartly. You can download the E-Book for free, here.

Clean and non-toxic beauty companies aim to create safe cosmetics that meet their own set of standards. For this reason, some companies do a phenomenal job of raising the standards, while others simply take advantage of these trendy terms like, “clean beauty”, “green beauty”, and “non-toxic”, because these terms themselves are not regulated and anyone can use them on just about any product. This is why it’s so important to educate yourself on how to read ingredient labels and shop from brands you trust. 

Our tip: Shop with brands that are excited to share their ingredients with you (all of their ingredients) and are generally very transparent about how their products are made. Chances are higher that these kinds of brands are safe because they want you to know how they’re made. This is why we at Prophet Skincare clearly list all of our ingredients on our product pages, and do our best to educate our community.

So is “clean beauty” just a trend? No way! Clean beauty is the way of the future. It’s much safer and very effective. We also see it as an important act of self love, in which you treat your body with the respect and care it deserves.

Wondering how you can make a switch? Start off small by replacing your products with cleaner ones as they run out. This makes the switch much more manageable. We make superiour, highly-effective and non-toxic skincare for all ages on our shop. We are also always willing to answer questions and give advice about any brands or products you might come across and have questions about. Email us at any time: info@prophetskincare.com.

With love,

The Prophet Skincare Team

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