Why You Need to Start Dry Body Brushing

Did you know that your body eliminates toxins and wastes through the skin? The skin is the largest organ of the body, but most people only concern themselves with the skin on their face. That's why I love to practice Dry Body Brushing. It totally rejuvenates all of your skin. There are so many amazing beauty and health benefits associated with Dry Body Brushing (DBB)!

Dry Body Brushing has been around for centuries and is practiced by many different cultures. This exfoliation process improves the texture of our skin by sloughing off dead skin cells that become clogged over time. Also, by removing the dead skin cells, the skin can finally breathe as it releases toxins and wastes. Dry Body Brushing stimulates the lymphatic flow through the body as it massages the lymph nodes – encouraging the removal of excess water and toxins. Our bodies naturally do this but DBB helps to stimulate more blood flow boosting circulation which not only benefits our skin but our organs as well.

Because we love to talk about beauty here, DBB dramatically improves the texture of the skin, and the reduces the appearance of cellulite. It does this by softening the lumpy bumpy deposits beneath the skin – this is from the circulation of blood flow into that area. In addition to removing the dead skin cells – your skin will glow as the dry dead skin cells are finally removed. Now your skin will be able to hydrate more efficiently when you apply moisturizer. My favorite natural body moisturizer is our Shea Wonder Butter.



A wooden Dry Body Brushing, brush

A wooden Dry Body Brushing brush.

Use a brush made of natural fibers – bristles should be firm and the handle of the brush should be long for those hard to reach areas. You can find a dry brush online and they are often carried in natural food and health stores.

Start with the soles of your feet, working upwards to the legs and arms etc. (avoid varicose veins and private areas as well as the face). Always use a gentle but firm motion that moves towards the heart (not a scrubbing motion; but with long straight strokes). Think about it as guiding your blood flow back towards the heart. For the back area – use a motion moving from the neck down to the lower back. As with the arms, brush up towards the armpits. Again, the pressure should be firm, not painful. The skin should look refreshingly pink, not red or irritated. It may take a moment to get used to.

I like to do this in the morning as it feels so invigorating. Even better, do it before a shower to rinse off the dead cells.  Dry Body Brushing can be done on a daily basis – the process can be 10 minutes or more. I personally do this about 4 to 5 times a week. I love the way my skin feels as it looks so rejuvenated and soft.

Where to get a Dry Body Brush?
Try finding a brush at your local health food store or online. Most importantly, be sure the bristles are firm.

Four Great Benefits of Dry Body Brushing
1. Removal of Toxins / Lymphatic Drainage
2. Reduction of Cellulite
3. Stimulation of Circulatory System
4. Glowing Skin!



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