Thinking Beyond Habitual Thinking

Thinking Beyond Habitual Thinking

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To be completely radiant in mind, body, and spirit, learn to unlock the power of your latent subconscious. 

Prophet Skincare co-founder, Bruce James Francisco has been teaching people to access their full visionary mind power through proprietary meditation and hypnosis techniques for 35 years. The anecdotal and scientific evidence is overwhelmingly clear; if we are to lead a life with grace, beauty, and radiance, we must be as aligned in our thoughts as we are in our body.

In this book, Bruce delivers a message of personal empowerment and clear instructions to break down the walls of our mental limitations and exceed far beyond our expectations to create the life of our own choosing.

Through meditation techniques, Bruce helps one to gain a more holistic understanding of our thought patterns and how to treat our thoughts objectively. He gives you the power to see the subconscious mind for what it is, and leverage it to achieve your greatest potential and meet your personal goals with minimum effort.

A must-read for anyone interested in manifestation, accessing the power of the subconscious, positive thinking, and those curious about mastering the mind to change any behavior and transform your life.

“Your mind is like a muscle; the more you exercise it, the more strength you will discover within. The stronger your mind becomes, the more one can control their environment versus their environment controlling them.”